Saturday, December 22, 2007


Floral Bellpull is finished, the last stitches went in just before midnight on Wednesday but no pic yet.
Thursday I had a very last minute (as in less than 24 hours notice) Christmas shopping trip to Birmingham with a very dear friend and I'm so glad that I could arrange things so I could go, we had a wonderful day, spent to much, drank Mulled Wine at the German market and all while we slowly froze :)
Today I've not been home in daylight to take one, I've been busy being a taxi for various people through the day and doing the last little bit of Christmas shopping that I couldn't do on Thursday along with the food shop.

Puter is now fixed so I'm back up and running at full speed instead of plodding along behind a tractor but of course the main advantage of not being online so much is all the extra time I got for Floral.

And of course with not being online so much I've not been telling you what's been in my advent bags so....
14th - Kreinick #8 braid
15th - Chocolate Snowman and skein of DMC
16th - Needlepaint
17th, 18th & 19th - Chocolate Snowman & skein of DMC
20th - Does this make me look fat? Pocket Dragon
21st - Skein of Dinky Dye silk

Really I could open the 22nd one now as it's after midnight but then I'd have nothing to look forward to in the morning

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