Saturday, December 15, 2007

Things that go bang in the afternoon

AKA my new puter that's only 6 weeks old :(

Yesterday morning not long after I got up but before I cam down I heard a bang and didn't think much of it as I couldn't see anything that had fallen over when I did come down.
I was greeted by a smell of burning by the kitchen door but though my neighbour had burnt her breakfast (it's happenned before) went about things as normal and booted the puter up.
It worked perfectly ok, downloaded updates and restarted just fine I turned it off and went out for the day.
Came to turn it back on in the early evening and nothing so I checked cables made sure the other things that are plugged into the socket tower worked and tried again, this time it went pop pop I swore and EX who I was on the phone to at the time asked what I'd done cause he heard it go.
I ring up about and after speaking to 2 people get told if it's easier take it back to the store so off to Chester I go.
They look and start fiddling about and are on the way to fixing it when he looks at my paper work and because I have insurance they would have to charge me for it!
So it's now back home sat in a corner of my living room awaiting for a guy to come and replace the power pack on Wednesday and my old one is hooked up but it's so slow I won't be spending much time online.
The good thing about that is I'll come back with a nice new pic of Floral Bellpull well along the road to being finished

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