Saturday, December 01, 2007

Nov Progress & Dec Goals

I post these on a couple of BB's every month but I've never done them here so we'll give it a go and see how well I remember about it

For November
Get The Riddle at least half done by the 18th (so there's a good amount to show at Harrogate) Yep did that and it was well recieved
Make good progress on the Pansy block All the XS is done
UFORR In progress
Put a few stitches in every day during the Celtic Fair If knitting stitches count then I did
Work on something other than those listed above I got 2 1/2 hrs in on Prov Sampler

I stitched for 70 hrs 29 mins the bulk of which was on The Riddle, had 3 days with out a single stitch and had no new starts or finishes

For December I would like to
Finish Floral Belpull
Finish The Riddle
Get an ornament done for my parents and DD
Decide on Jan starts
Pick WIPs for first 6 months of 08

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