Saturday, December 01, 2007

Tree guy is no more and other stuff

After not having touched Spyro since I put him down after my last post I beat the evil tree guy that gave me such a headache and the annoying this is it only took me about 6 attempts this time compared to who knows how many over about 4 hours last time!

Now that's it's December my Christmas socks have come out as have my large(ish) collection of Christmas earrings and it's time to kill a WIP or two before the end of the year
Top of that list is Floral Bellpull, all the XS is done now on the Pansy block so I just have to do the BS and the border, I really owe you a progress pic and I'll try and get one done today.

This year I have 2 advent calenders to open each morning, one is a Lindt chocolate one (yes I know it's naughty for a Diabetic) and one that Ex has put together for me.
He bought a wooden one with Snowmen on that comes with little bags for you to fill yourself, last night he came down to set it up along with a bag of presents that goes with it (too big for the bags!).
Some of the bags have very odd shapes in them and I can tell by the feel of some that they contain a skein of thread, I will resist the temptation to peek in them (I hope!!!!)
So in the early hours of this morning on my way to bed I opened number one and was greeted with a skein of Dinky Dye silk (Sherbet Lemon) and a little card telling me to open present 1 which turned out to be a Bauble

I got The Riddle back from Chris early in the week and she told me that at least 3 people spoke to her at Harrogate and said that they knew I was stitching it for her, I know how one of them is and poss. a second but can only assume that the third person is one of those rare things..... A person that reads my Blog :)

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Stitcher said...

It was me. I had to check out what you'd done, after you mentioned it on group.