Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bits and pieces

Paula and Karoline had the brains to take pics last weekend so go take a look at their blogs (I thankfully am not on any of them, yay) but I did get a pic of the wallhanging

A few fellow UK Stitchers had a bit of an informal SAL/race to finish Lizie Kate's Halloween Flip It's and when they started I said I would give a prize to the first one to finish without having a clue what it would beand calling myself an idiot for saying so! Then I did the tassel class and inspiration struck so Sally won herself a Halloween themed tassel from yours truely and has now decided she going to treat herself to a black pair of scissors to match. The orange you can see peeping out at the bottom is in the centre of the tassel.

Today I went to see my Neurologist and I'm am now offically discharged, I knew it was almost certain I would be after the LP I had earlier this year but for it to actually happen was wonderful. The downside was the trip home on the M6 bad, an accident south bound caused tail backs for 3 junctions north bound and I wanted one of those, what is normally a 30ish minute trip took almost 1hr 30mins!!

I'm still plodding on with the Sunflowers but I do keep avoiding them as much as poss so my current beading project is coming along nicely. I know I need to get stuck in to them and I think once I get on to the half that hasn't been touched by the owner I'll feel much better about them. It doens't help that she made several mistakes that I've had to work around, some of them quite large, and she has left odd stitches undone right by stitches of the same colour!

Dad is keeping up with his exercises for his knee and is recovering quite well now won't be long before he's off them completely although both Mum and I thought it was 5 days he was on them for but he's convinced it's 2 weeks so we just let him get on with it because he won;t last that long anyway :)


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you've been discharged from the Neuro Lindsay and that your Dad is doing OK.

mesdupmoi said...

Yeah, Grandad is well known for his lack of patience, hahaha!!

Good Luck on those Sunflowers, Mum. Just keep getting in more traffic, then you can avoid them more, hahaha!

Don't forget to go look at my blog for pics of Caleb!!! xx

Kristin said...

What a gorgeous wall hanging!