Monday, June 29, 2009

Woolfest 2009

I got back late on Saturday night and was waaaaaay to tired to do anything other than have a brew and fall into bed, yesterday I just plain forgot! It was hard work this year and hot but I did get a good bit of progress in on Mary Wigham, not much else to do when you've got no electric in the caravan and so no portable DVD player but it was wonderful to be able to stitch in peace until after 10pm every evening

Anyway first up is this cute little guy

who is the one on the left in this pic (I meant to put them the other way round)

Recently sheared Alpaca

Bruno who was quite happy to stand on his bars for a pic as long as he got a chin tickle out of it

A few of the dozen or so breeds of sheep there

Friday evening I went for a walk, Woolfest is up those steps on the other side of the road and along to the right a bit

The only thing I've not got a pic of is the new stash I came home with and for once I was very good and only bought 3 skeins of sock yarn (and great fun turning 2 of them into doughnuts)
so you'll have to wait until tomorrw for that


Paula said...

It looks like lots of fun.

mesdupmoi said...

Sounds like good fun!
Where were you when I called on Monday night, then? x

Redwitch said...

Both Woolfest and the Cheshire show look like really great days out. I had no idea a fleece was only worth a £1, that's really sad!

Hope you enjoy your stash, the donuts sound interesting! :)