Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Updates and a mini HD

Before I went to Woolfest last week I finished the first side of the purse so join me in a mini happy dance, side 2 is under way now :)
BTW Jo it measures 6 1/4" at it's highist point and a little over 5 1/2" and it's widest point but that's just plain as it now, it will get longer when I add the fringe.
The scan really doesn't do justice to sheen and sparkle of the beads esp. the gold ones but by the time I remembered I needed a pic it was dark out

Next is my progress on Mary Wigham, I made good progress while at Woolfest
And as there is a request for pics of where we are stitching ours here's my pics.
In the Caravan

And in a cattle pen in the middle of a Livestock auction in Cumbria

Lastly this weeks pic of the Sunflowers, not much progress on it all last week but I did warn you there won't be because I had such a busy week and I really didn't want to take it to Cumbria with me

This evening I've been out playing bowls and I won my first match 21-15 and it's only my 4th or 5th match ever


Kristin said...

Gorgeous stitching and I love the bag in progress.

CindyMae said...

The bag is looking fantastic! Great progress on your stitching!

Cindy Mae
My store opens July 1st!!

Paula said...

The bag looks fantastic.

mesdupmoi said...

Sound like Cumbria was fun!!
HDHD for the bag side.
And Grats on the bowls match :D x

Lauralness said...

That bag is going to be so amazing! Great job on the mini HD!
Great progress on Mary Wigham!