Friday, June 05, 2009


I finished these in early May and never got round to posting them :(

This particular pair of socks were along time in the making. I started them maybe Aug/Sept 07 and worked on them on and off for a few weeks. Then my Gran got sick and was taken in hospital so they came with me to keep my hands occupied, they went to X ray with me, back to A&E, up to the ward and they were with me the day she died. It took me 18 months to be able to face them again, I couldn't even open the bag they were in for over a year


CindyMae said...

I am sorry that you went through so much while making these socks! They are gorgeous though! Sometimes just facing the things that hurt helps us heal!

Kristin said...

They are gorgeous and a very unique way to remember that time in your life.

mesdupmoi said...

Glad you got them done, Mum. We all have things to remember her :)
*hugs* x