Thursday, June 04, 2009

Living With Charm HD

I finally got my butt into gear this evening and took a pic of Living with Charm

Lizzie Kate
PTP Carnival

I've been having a look at the camera card this evening and have found a couple of things that I haven't shared so tomorrow before I go to the GTG I'll try and get at least one of them up.

I've also joined the Mary Wigham SAL and put the first stitches in this evening but so far I'm not liking the way it's stitching up on the fabric I've picked so I'm thinking I may just have a quick run out to Willow Fabrics first thing to find something else. The one I picked is a linen and I'm not a huge fan of linen anyway but it was the only piece of fabric I had in my stash that would work and even then it was a case of having to do it over 1

Keep my Dad in your thoughts please, he goes in for his Arthroscopy tomorrow, he has to be there by 7am and is as far as we know first on the list


Silverlotus said...

Gosh, I love, love, love that design! It looks fabulous on that fabric too.

Best wishes for you dad! I'm sure everything will go well.

Jo said...

Great HD - well done!

Have a great weekend :)

CindyMae said...

Beautiful! I love you! You done fantastic work! How is your dad?