Thursday, December 09, 2010

Bits and pieces

Yesterday was one of those days that I wanted to get some of those little bits of craft things that needed to be done out of the way.
So I started off repairing some knitted socks that had a hole in the leg and converting a pile of earrings for a friend from fish hooks to posts.

Then I finished off one of the ornaments I owe Mel, it's been sat waiting for me to sew the gap up for a couple of months (I did it on the machine when I put Edgar's pillow together so you can see how long its been waiting!!!)

And lastly I made a pair of sprial rope earrings for a friend, I made her a necklace and bracelet for her 60th last year but couldn't remember if she had her ears done at the time.

Millie also wanted to drop by and say hello

I also went in search of a small kit I knew was almost finished so I could get it done and knocked off my PHD list but couldn't find it anywhere :(
I even looked in a couple of drawers that shouldn't have stitching in them and although that didn't turn up 3 others did that haven't been included on my list for at least a few years so I'm not going to make my goal of less than 35 PHD's by the end of the year :(
BUT the good news is I found the chart for my oldest PHD which means I can work on getting that done next year.

In keeping with my desire to get my PHD number down I've signed up for the Flip'n Crazy January Challenge the idea is that you finish 15 of your current PHD's (WIP's) in 2011. I'll be posting my list in the next few days if your interested.

And lastly Sharon (Daffycat) has decided to take up the challenge of running the TUSAL next year as no-one has seen or heard from Yo-yo for several months now and her blog has been deleted so wander over there and take a look.


Clare - Aimetu said...

I love your ornament, great ear rings too :)

Daffycat said...

Oh, Mel's ornament is darling and the finishing looks great!

Milly looks so grown up. She is such a pretty cat!

Lesleyanne said...

Can't wait to see your 15 projects. Everything is lovely.

Gina said...

So what are PHD's Can you expalin what your acronyms stand for when you use them please?

Rachael xx said...

Those earrings are gorgeous
Hello Millie what a pretty cat you are!

Lisa said...

Love your finished ornie and the earrings.
What does PHD stand for please?