Sunday, December 12, 2010

Those PHD's

A PHD is a Partly Half Done or a Potential Happy Dance depending on which you prefer.

So the one's I found that I had forgotten about

Art Deco Sunrise, this appeared in a magazine a few years ago and Mum asked me to stitch it for her
Stitch Kitty Ornament.
I think this may of been in one of the Ornament RR's I did years ago

And lastly a Christmas Carousel card, no clue about this one but I suspect it got put done because of the poor really bad adia.

And because I found the main chart for my oldest PHD a pic of that as well.
I'm so glad I found it and although my taste has changed I would love to finish it, please excuse the filthy state of it I wasn't very careful when I started it but orvus will fix it as it's normal common muck and there's no stains on it


Lesleyanne said...

Good luck with your PHDs. I'm glad you've told us what it means I have been wondering lol.

Clare - Aimetu said...

PHD - I've not heard the name before but I have plenty of those lol - good luck with them

Lisa said...

Thanks for letting us know what PHD's are lol and for the pics of some of them.