Thursday, December 23, 2010

I used to have a wall, honest

A couple of weeks ago when we had the first hard frost I got up one morning to find a large hole in the wall out the back. I went away overnight and got home really late the following night and then woke up to this view from Mel's bedroom window

The hole was much bigger

So DBF and a mate set to and removed the plant growing over the top of it before they knocked it down, they wanted to get it done before the bad weather and snow set in.
I was amazed by just how big the hole was

This is the view from next door

Back to my side

It didn't even need to be hit with a lump hammer it literally fell over when pushed

But a hammer was put to use for the lower part which is down to the ground now but I didn't get a pic of it before the snow hit

And this is how it looks today

It's really odd walking down the garden and just plain looking out the window and not seeing it there. The plan is to replace it with a fence in the New Year.

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Clare - Aimetu said...

It looks a very old wall Lindsay - Victorian maybe? I'm guessing cos of the blue bricks on top. They've done a great job, looking forward to seeing the fence.