Wednesday, December 01, 2010

November progress & December goals

For November I said
Got a little done but still have to put some more hours in
Stitch at least 2 ornaments I've done 6
Stitch my private exchange project Done and sent
Finish ABC Christmas Not even touched it, far too busy doing ornaments

For December I'd like to
Finish ABC Christmas
Get my Jan 1st start ready to go
Finish all the ornaments off
Knit a pair of socks for my dad for Christmas
Finish something else.

November was a bit of a busy month so my stitching time was down in the end and I only got 60hours 32 minutes in (my lowest of the year) but I did stitch every day. I had 6 starts and 6 finishes for the month so at least my overall PHD count hasn't gone up :)

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Lesleyanne said...

Well done with November goals. Good luck with your December ones.