Saturday, July 22, 2017

2017 Goals ~ Mid year (ish) review

I thought I'd do a mid year review of my goals for this year to see how I'm dong with them.

For 2017 I've said
Keep up with the TUSAL assuming it continues   So far so good, I'm mostly late posting it but it's up
Keep up with Gifted Gorgeousness  Again so far so good
Finish Santa's Village (fed up with saying this one so def going to do it this year)   I've done one of the 6 I had left at the start of the year so I better do something about it!
Finish more than I start    I have no idea a this point what the balance is!
Get my PHD's to 20 or lower (I've been working on getting this number down for 10 years now and I'm doing well as I started with 47!!)  Current total is 30 (at least it was at the start of the month)
Finish a TW  I've finished one but it was one I started last week so I'm not sure if I'll count it or not because I meant one that's a PHD
Finish a Silver Lining flower    Yeah one I've completed :)  My Daffodils were a Silver Lining pattern
Get at least 6 kits stitched from stash   No I've got a couple started tho


Pull the other thread said...

Well done! You seem to be doing really well on your goals.

Julie said...

Reads like you are doing well Lindsay