Monday, July 17, 2017

Angel Progress

I never got round to posting an update last week so you get a double one again today:)

Here's how I got on July 8/9
Most of her wing done and a chunk of over one this is also a really pic of the true fabric colour

This last weekend (July 15/16) 
I didn't have as much time with her this weekend but when I did work on her in the day I decided to concentrate on the over one neck and face and leave the 'normal' stitching to the evening when I use my daylight lamp, as good as it is you can't beat proper daylight :)

I'll carry on and do the same thing this coming weekend and there is a slim chance she'll be finished over the weekend but I may just carry on with her next week if I'm really close


Pull the other thread said...

She is stunning, the over 1 skin is just amazing. Best of luck with the finish.

Christine said...

She is looking wonderful

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Fantastic progress, the over one skin is amazing. It's really worth the extra time!

Julie said...

She's fabulous, grown such a lot.

phann son said...

Congratulations on the Happy Dance. What a gorgeous face, the over one stitching is exquisite on L&L designs and worth the extra time it takes.


phann son said...

That is incredible, I must show Hubby as he loves Chinese dragons. Amazing.