Saturday, July 01, 2017

June progress & July Goals

For June I said
Finishing the Angel would be nice   I knew it was a long shot so I'm not disappointed I haven't
Start the Spring SAL  No :(
Stitch (and finish) the monthly NH challenge  No :(
Finish something else would be nice (no idea what)  No :(
Get at least a couple of hexie flowers done   Yes :)
Sell some stash   I can't remember if I have or not!!

For July I'd like to
Finish the Angel
Pick a new weekend project
Finish New Year Fairy
Start Autumn Seasonal SAL
Maybe start Spring Seasonal SAL
Get June's monthly NH challenge stitched and finished
Get July's NH monthly challenge stitched and finished if I like it (it's not been posted yet)
Get a couple of hexie flowers done
Sell some stash

I had my annual stitching weekend in June which greatly helped with my stitching time but I also ended spending a lot more time in Kent then was planned for which had the complete opposite effect :(  I was only due to go for 4 days but due to things I had no control over and 1 1/2 days being wasted by someone else I had to make a return trip :(   It has meant that July's stitching has got off to a good start tho because I'm in so much pain with my leg today that I can't do anything else!

So I stitched for 68 hours 20 mins in June, had 2 new starts and 0 finishes and 1 day with no stitching :(

Current PHD total = 30

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