Thursday, May 01, 2008

April Progress & May Goals

I'm on time this month :)

For April I said
UFORR Done but I mailed a day or two late
Make progress on Birth Sampler Not much but any progress is good progress
Stick to UFO SAL I missed one week

For May
Make progress on Birth Sampler
Stick to UFO SAL
No new starts other than my Birthday one and an exchange I'm signed up for
As much progress as poss on the Garden chair

Overall I had a really good month, I stitched for 102 hours and 18 mins which is way more than I thought it'd be
I had 3 new starts - Exchange piece, The Peacock and the Garden Chair
And 2 finishes - Be a Dragon and the exchange piece (I'll be posting a pic of that once it reaches it's new home)

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