Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Late Birthday presents

Yesterday I went down to my parents for tea and not long after I arrived I was handed a large white box and something wrapped in alot of bubble wrap which turned out to be one of these and the 8-10'' side Stretchers along with the 16'' & 24'' bars of one of these . I'd seen it at the NEC in March and decided that I had to save up for one over the next couple of years to make working on scroll frames easier, after I'd met back up with Mum and Dad for a brew and told them about it they texted Mel on the quiet to find out where we'd seen it and went back to buy it!!!!!
I'd seen the box as we left but they told me it was framing supplies for my Dad, my parents can be very sneaky at times

Then this morning the postman brought a padded envelope for me from Sharon who's my Floss mom. She not only sent me the chart for Peacock Tapestry but the floss for it and the silk's for Just Nan's Peacock CypherI'm totally bowled over by her wonderful gift and feel honoured to have her as a friend


Daffycat said...

Yay! I'm glad it arrived in good time. Happy belated birthday, Lindsay!

Jo said...

What a fabulous pair of gifts. I've eyed up the same scroll frame and stand set - do say how you get on with it!
Isn't Sharon a star?