Saturday, May 31, 2008

Garden Chair

All my stitching time for the last week has gone on this, doesn't look much really does it but bear in mind the wording on the chair back is over one and I had to unpick a line because it was one thread out. Had I been stitching it just for me I would of left it but I'm entering it in the Cheshire Show (June 17/18th) and the judges are picky and I would hate it if I lost marks because of it. Same with the date on the fob, I orginally had my initials on it but the spacing wasn't right and no matter how much I played about with them they still weren't even so I did the date instead and will put my name in some form on the base.

The fabric isn't as dark as the pic shows but that's what you get for taking a pic in the evening when it's cloudy out. Left to do is the rest of the arm rolls, drawer front, parasol, seat cushion & seat base. I have to have it done by June 15th at the very latest but with any luck it'll be done by next weekend when I go away for a stitching weekend in Derbyshire with several other UK stitchers


Daffycat said...

I really like the way you grid the fabric...that looks handy! Great WIP; and I didn't even realize you were doing this one too!

Lindsay said...

It's grided the same way as it tells you to do it in the instructions so that there's enough to finish each piece, I don't normally grid my projects although I keep thinking about trying it and never getting round to doing it

I wasn't planning on stitching it just yet but when I found out that the theme for the WI at the Cheshire Show was The Glory of the Garden I just had to make it my entry for this year

Anonymous said...

It's looking great Lindsay!

BTW, hope you don't mind my asking, but would you consider changing your blog settings to allow feeds? At the moment, it looks like your blog doesn't accept them, which means I can't add you to my reader like I do with other blogs (I don't use Blogrolling). It's easy to do, just select Site Feeds in Settings and select Full or Short from the first drop-down menu. If you don't want to do this for some reason, then fair enough, it's just easier for me to check your blog, as my reader will automatically display updates, rather than me checking manually :)

Lindsay said...

It's all changed, I had no idea it was set not to accept them or I would of done it ages ago