Thursday, May 08, 2008

Cookie Dragon

As I said yesterday with being sick I sat all day and stitched on Cookie Dragon, because I didn't post a pic in April here's how he started off

And 10 hours later he can still only fly in circles but at least most of his cookie jar is done now
I was so tempted to carry on with him today but I need to get the UFO RR done and my exchange piece started so I'll finish him next month
Oh and I'm all better today :) now I can move about with feeling sick I guess my excuse for sitting and stitching all day is out the window


mesdupmoi said...

Who says you need an excuse to sit and stitch all day ?? I'm glad you're feeling better though.

And to be fair, I don't think he'll be flying anywhere with his head in a cookie jar!!

Oh, and Caleb has Colic :(

Jo said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. Cookie Dragon is looking great - that's a lot of stitching, even for someone who feels great :)

Chris said...

Cookie Dragon looks good. Think he'll move over so I can join him in the cooke jar?

Lindsay said...

You can only ask him Chris but I suspect he'll say no, I get the feeling he's a bit a of a cookie monster :)