Wednesday, May 07, 2008

What I did on Saturday

At last :)

I'm still a little off colour today, my head no longer hurts but I feel sick whenever I move so I've spent most of the day stitching and watching Heroes (the upside is I've done my hours on Cookie Dragon for this month in 2 days!)

So to Saturday, first off we went into Conwy to visit the jewellers so that Mel and I could pick out a piece of Colgau gold Jewellery. Almost as soon as we were all out of the car Mel decided to go up in the world and stand on the wall so being the mean Mother that I am I took a pic of her :)

After a wander round a few shops and lunch in Anna's Tea room we headed back to the car and Mel kindly went up on the wall to take this for me
So we headed to Llandudno for the Extraveganza they hold every year on May Bank holiday weekend, as always the first port of call for me is the Carousel

And because I love this particular one so much you get another pic:)
I think it's the Ashley Gallopers but I do know that's it's one of the few remaining steam driven Carousels in the country

Next up was a ride on the Chair-o-planes, see the guy on the ride? I've got no idea what his name is but he remembered us from Malpas steam fair last Sept (prob. cause Mel and I spent a fair bit of time on the Carousel)

As you fight your way through the crowds on Mostyn Street they have an area sectioned off for bands etc to perform in, we happenned to get there as this group started.
Their called Batala and you wouldn't think that you could get such a fantastic sound out of drums, they were amazing and you could tell that every member really enjoyed playing

No trip to Llandudno is complete without a walk to the end of the pier browsing in all the little huts along the way selling alsorts of stuff, my personal favourite one is about half way up and everything they sell is connected to Wales in some and a huge amount of the stock has the Welsh Dragon on it.
We bought doughnuts on the way back and munched them while we watched Punch and Judy then I fulfilled my goal of embarassing Mel at least once when we go out for the day (It's what us Mum's are suppossed to do to our teenaged daughters after all )

This is just a few of the pics I took during the day and as I said to Mel on the day, this blogging lark is bad for me becasue it means I take my camera with me when I go out for the day now so I've got something to bore people with. I never used to bother with a camera at all after years of my parents photographing everything that moved when we went anywhere


Daffycat said...

Oh, wow. I had to read this twice and go back over the lovely photos several times. It looks like the weather was perfect and you had a good time. I wish I could have come along.

Lindsay said...

The weather was fantastic, lovely and warm, we certainly picked the right day to go the rest of the weekend it's wasn't quite as nice and I was sick!