Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Capesthorne Hall (pic heavy)

I spent a very enjoyable afternoon today wandering round Capesthorne Hall with around 400 other members of Cheshire WI. First up was tea and cake & a scone (really healthy lunch for a diabetic!) along with chatting to ladies from Croft WI (Warrington) about things you won't think WI ladies would talk about and normal things like recycling and bins
I didn't take many pics in the house partly because some of the rooms were dark (for good reason, one in particular has a 300 year old black silk coat in it) and partly because it was so busy

The centre section of the house

The rear of the house from the Garden
I thought this lamp shade was really pretty and unusal

This is a Roman chair that was dug up in the grounds when they were putting in a new drainage channel

The State bedroom, the wedding dress is the one worn by a member of the family who married in 2000, I overheard someone say it's by Vera Wong but how true that is I have no idea

The alter in the family Chapel

The Bluebell wood, it's almost the end of the season for them now

A bluebell :)

I've got no idea what this is but it's pretty

And a close up of the pretty flower

The gardener's out there are probably falling off their chair's laughing now because I've got no idea what the last 2 pics are of but I'm not a gardener and have a tendency to kill plants rather than grow them


Jo said...

I've no idea what the flower is, and I DO garden!!! But it is very pretty :)

Gina said...

LOoks like an Azalea to me...

Daffycat said...

Wonderful post! I ADORE that Roman chair...awesome!

It looks like you had a fab day out!

Anonymous said...

It looks like a wonderful place to visit!

I would have said your mystery flower is either a rhododendron or an azalea - this is their flowering period.

mfadhil said...
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