Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Come and meet Toby

I've mentioned him a couple of times in previous posts so it's about time he put in an apperance. He about 8 months old and will live around 30 years if I remember rightly from the info we were given when Mel bought him

He had a little problem with his tail a month or so ago and the end fell off :( so it's a good few inches shorter than it should be, he likes his daily cuddle, gets to watch TV for a few mins every day and while it's so warm he gets to go outside in the garden for a bit of real sunshine but you do have to hold on to him really well as he's wiggly at times and really, really fast. Oh and he always sleeps with his nose on the glass of his tank (that's not it's offical title but I can't spell that!) on top of his biggest log which leans against the side
30 July - After reading the comments I realised I made an oooppps and hadn't said that Toby is a Water Dragon, sorry if I confused anyone (and it must be me that has a problem with Blogger at home cause it's working OK on my Dad's puter)


Daffycat said...

Yes, iguanas live a long time. Did that store also mention that males get rather aggressive when they are mature? I've met people who's faces were nearly removed by their "loving pet" when having that "cuddle." I don't want to spoil Mels fun but...careful of this little guy when he gets big!

mesdupmoi said...

umm daffycat its not an iguana. It's a water dragon.
Mel would moan about that lol.

I miss Toby though I've only met him once!

Are you having fun feeding him Mum?


Lindsay said...

My ooops I should of said that Toby is a Water Dragon, sorry!

He's due to be fed again tomorrow right now he's doing a few acrobatic moves round his tank, I keep hearing him as jumps at the sides

Daffycat said...

Oh, thank goodness. I was really worried there, from the photos, Toby looks quite like a baby iggy.

Can you tell I do not trust iguanas at all? I had a lady seriously injured by one come into the pet shop where I used to work. It wasn't pretty.

So sorry Mel!

Lindsay said...

I've never seen a baby iggy so didn't know that. I'd go back and edit my post about him if blogger would let me, right now they don't like me enough to lket me do anything other than read and add comments!

Lindsay said...
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