Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Evening entertainment and a HD

Last night Mel & Sheena took over my TV and Wii for a few hours, they worked their way down the list on Wii Sports and ended up with boxing
My stitching chair is just to Mel's left and I had to duck a few times to avoid being smacked in the head while she beat the heck out of Sheena on the screen!
I was busying working on March Birthstone fairy for SOLAK so I could get it finished and in the post today, it's the last one needed for a quilt (I volunteered to stitch it to complete the set, I did May's a few years ago when they where still available as freebies)

I put the last bit of BS in this morning and she's about to go out the door to the Post Office while I go back to Winter Wonderland for the SAL


tkdchick said...

Congrats on your finish!!!

mesdupmoi said...

Congrats on the finish Mum.

Has Mel had her hair cut even shorter? In the second picture it looks an awful lot shorter, but it might just have been because she was moving..

Hows the sorting going?


Daffycat said...

***giggle*** The girls look as though they are having fun!

Cute finish!

Unpacking and sorting seem to take forever but eventually everything finds it's place. Hang in there!

Lindsay said...

Yes Mel has had her hair cut shorter but not as short as it looks in the pic, she has it tied back out the way there and the sorting is as good as done now, I'm down the last couple of bags