Tuesday, July 01, 2008

June Progress & July Goals

For June I said
Finish the Garden Chair (bit pointless putting this really, the stitching is done and I start putting it together in the morning) And I did get it put together so this one is a definate yes
Finish my UFO from the SAL I finished her on June 19
Finish Cookie Dragon I finished him as well
Finish another WIP besides those listed above I finished Home of a Needleworker too
Only start something new if I can finish it before the end of the month ie SOLAK square No but in my defense of the two projects I started one only has the BS left to do and should be done July 1st and the other is for a customer of my LNS that I was asked to do after I set my goals

For July I'd like to
Work on Oriental Orchids as much as poss (the one for the customer)
Work on the Birth Sampler
Settle on what WIPs I'll work on until the end of the year

I stitched for a total of 85hours 22 mins last month, had 2 new starts and 4 finishes

And as we're now half way through the year I'm going to do a quick review on my year goals

1, End the year with less than 30 WIPs (I'm starting with 41! Let me know if you want a list) Not looking likely right now my current WIP total is 46, 35 would probably of been a better idea
2, Reduce my stash in some way (kits, charts or fabric, most likely to be fabric) even though I'm getting off the Wagon So far I'd say that fabric is in the lead, I've used just about as much as I've bought
3, Finish a large TW I'm working on this one
4, Start and hopefully finish Tessellations Unless I become a one at a timer this isn't going to happen
5, Get some ornaments done Haven't done a single one yet
6, At least match the number of SOLAK squares I did in 07 (which was 16) Working on it
7, Finish more than I start or at least have them even by the end of the year Yeah right, like that's going to happen
8, Not get sucked into any more challenges (SAL are OK) So far so good
9, Get off the wagon and stay off I put this one down because I knew I could keep it and I am doing

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