Friday, July 04, 2008

Mel's GCSE Art Exhibition

Every year Mel's High School holds an exhibition of all the GCSE art work for that year, last night was Mel's turn. There are a whole host of reasons she choose to do one of her projects around Hurt but I won't go into them here apart from one at the end of this post

This is her final piece (I've got no idea where she got her love of Dragons from, honest I haven't, LOL) I know from the pic it just looks like it's a drawing but it's not, it's full of texture and levels

This little lot is part of one her best friends work and Mel asked me to share it with you

And this is the work of one of the girls that caused one of the reasons of Mel's subject choice, she bullyed Mel throughout her last year of school. The reason I took a pic of it is because I personally think that this girl needs to get a life if all she can come up with for her art project is make up, it goes to show just how shallow a person she is in my opinion

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