Friday, July 11, 2008

Winter Wonderland again

Another 2 days worth of SAL on it and I'm half way there already, I played about with the scanner settings a little and now the fabric is much closer to it's true colour of purple than the blue that it looks in the last pic although it still doesn't show the sparklie in it

I signed for the house this morning and the keys are in my hands, I've been down and gone through the inventory and made notes of things that were missed so first thing Monday morning I'm off back down the agents with it ( you have 3 working days to dispute anything on it). The only thing that's actully wrong on it is the number of plates, by the looks of it they have counted some twice and I wasn't even expecting to see things like plates on it in the first place but they will be washed, packed in a box and put at the back of the understairs cupboard out of the way. I took my camera down with me (twice over the course of the evening) and forgot to take to take pics hopefully I'll remember to take some tomorrow when I go back to start cleaning it up, it's not that it's filthy but there's bits on the floor from odd jobs that have been done, the oven needs a clean, doors need wiping over that type of thing and I'd rather do them before I start to move stuff in


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the house Lindsay :)

Winter Wonderland is looking great!

tkdchick said...

Your winter piece is looking cute!

Jo said...

I'm so pleaed you have got the keys at last. Good luck with the cleaning - I always clean houses before I moved in. I think it's a piece of mind thing.

Winter Wonderland looks great. I should be joining the SAL on Tuesday.

Daffycat said...

The fabric color is really pretty! This design is adorable too.

Yay for KEYS!