Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Darts Match

So last night was the Darts match and .......... Hartford WI team 2 were the runners up :)

I was Captin of Team 1 and out of our 3 games we only managed to win one but we only lost out other 2 games by 1 point and 2 points. Team 2 however won all 3 of their's and played the winners of our league who happen to be a team that practices alot but who have a habit of not standing behind the line, yanking their darts out of the board before the scorer has checked the score and then they suddenly decide that dispite having agreed the score with the scorer that it was in fact wrong and should be 2 points lower than it was. We all know what they are like and we make sure they don't get away with it very much if at all when they play against us.

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