Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mother's Day

As you'll already know today is Mother's Day here in the UK and I've had a nice day. I've got some stitching in, made a Q snap cover, done a bit of knitting, messed about making pom pom's and made up a Pin Keep.

You might remember me finishing the Crocus' last month (Sharon have you stitched them yet?), at the time Mum said she'd be happy to give them a home (very good at dropping hints like that my Mum, normally with a sledgehammer) so this little thought started to run my head that they would make a nice pin keep for Mother's Day. The daft thing is Mum helped me pick out the backing fabric at the quilting shop not long after I finished them and I said then that she may get them today as a gift. Mum promtly forgot I said that so she had a nice surprise today when I handed it over.

The backing fabric is a little lighter IRL but today's been a very cloudy day.

Mel gave me some stash and a crystal to hang in the window (pic tomorrow if I remember) and I'll find out what Heather has for me on Wednesday when I go and get her & Caleb


Daffycat said...

Happy Mother's Day, Lindsay!

Great finishing, glad your mom was surprised!

Holly said...

Pretty pinkeep!

Irene said...

Wonderful pinkeep !

Anonymous said...

Lovely pinkeep Lindsay, glad you had a good day!

Julie said...

Lovely pinkeep