Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I spent the weekend working on this and I'm quite pleased with the progress I made

Yes the socks from yesterday's post are knitted, I can only do a basic crochet chain and nothing more even though Mum tried for years to teach me.

Today's Lumber Punture went well and it was quick and almost painless although my back is now bright pink and I have what seems like a huge dressing slap bang in the middle of my lower back . I'm not suffereing the pain I did last week but movement is hard and I have a bit of a headache caused by them taking a sample of spinal fluid. I'm not feeling esp. talkative tonight so apologise if I seem off :)


mesdupmoi said...

Glad the Lumbar puncture went better this week! Those socks sure do look snugly!! x

Silverlotus said...

lol! You weren't kidding when you said you have a lot of WIPs. Another one! (I started a new one yesterday. :-) )

I'm glad the lumbar puncture went well. Hope everything is better soon.

Doris said...

oh the triangularity is beautiful,the contrast betwen the fabric and the floss,is great!.

u hope you feel better soon,take care.

Lauralness said...

I'm glad that your procedure went better. I hope that the headache is gone by now too.

Great project!

Kristin said...

Beautiful start to this piece.

Glad the lumbar puncture went much smoother.

Kathy said...

Wow that is gorgeous,I love the colours you are usiing for this.

Hugs xxxxx

Julie said...

Hope you are feeling better by today.