Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Catching up

I was not a happy bunny on Friday evening when I switched the puter on to find that my ISP had cut me off even though I had payed the bill, they claimed I had more to pay and wouldn't switch me back on until it was payed so I payed it and still no net, after several phone calls and being called a raceist for saying I spoke to an indian (who knew stating a fact was raceist) it still wasn't on but then their priority team got involved and things happened not quite as quick as they should as the one person that could fix it wasn't in yesterday. It finally got sorted this morning (Mum's sick so I'm staying home, the lsat thing she needs is for me to get sick again!) and in a little while I'm going to write a letter of complaint to the MD.

Anyway I was coming on to post about the Freindship exchange, the one I sent had arrived safely that morning, as ever the fabric in the background is the backing and if it looks familiar, it is :) it's the one that was in the background on my DIY framing job that I did the same day I made this up. Nearly forgot I sent to Jane/Miss 376

This shows the fabric colour so much better

Friday night I took part in the SAT on Let's stitch and got about 3 hours in.

I was doing so well posting daily and I would of made it through until today at least with a daily post but it wasn't to be so I'll be doing a few today instead :)

Oh before I forget it's the Darts Match tonight and I'm one of the Team Captin's!!!!! Wish us luck


Kristin said...

Beautiful stitching...and booooo to your ISP.

Lauralness said...

I agree! Booooo! Stating someone's ethnicity is not racism.

Great stitching! I love your SAL piece too.

I sent your goodies to you yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Love your exchange! I would definitely complain to your ISP, that sounds like very poor service!

mesdupmoi said...

YAY! Glad you got it sorted :)

Nice work on the SAT on Let's stitch - it's looking good! x

Ranae said...

Love the LK exchange pinkeep.