Saturday, January 02, 2010

2009 Goals report & 2010 Goals

1, Reduce the number of WIPs I have to less than 40 (I know I said that for last year but I'm more determined this time) I'm starting with 43 I'm ending the year with 39 but only because I feel like I cheated. I decided a few months ago that I was going to retire a couple of things completely and recaputure the stash but wasn't going to do that until I reached 40 WIP's however that didn't work as FS took longer than I thought so no other WIP's got finished.
2, Finish Fantasy Sampler (life got in the way last year) Yes on New Year's Eve
3, Make good progress on another TW No, failed
4, Finish a Silver Lining I did mean one already started but I did the Rose for Mel so it still counts in my book
5, No huge new start unless I get a good amount of WIPs finished first (except for my Birthday Start if I feel like doing a huge one) Yes
6, Do at least one SOLAK sqaure each month No, don't think I even made it to 6 months.

2009 was a good year stitching wise for me with a total of 1200 hours 83 mins of stitching time.
I made 27 new starts and had 30 finishes and 2 payed projects as well.

For 2010 I'd love to

Finish a TW - which one has yet to be decided
Finish a Silver Lining - again to be decided
Get my PHD's to below 35
Stitch an ornament a month
Stitch a SOLAK sqaure a month
Finish 2 PHD's before I start a new one but with exceptions (Birthday start, ornaments and SOLAK squares are excluded but any other new start in the year is fair game. All Guilt Free Jan start are also fair game once they are underway)


Kristin said...

You have a great list of goals.

Zeb said...

Hey Lindsay, Zeb from the TW BB here. Can't believe I haven't got your blog added to my RSS reader!

Some awesome goals there, makes me feel a little ashamed that my stitching goals for 2010 are so simple!

Laural said...

Great year! Your goals for 2010 look good too.