Monday, January 04, 2010

Fire Dragon

I found out a few days ago that TW had a couple of new designs at Patterns Online and since I had a Gift Certificate to use there I just had to get him.
I started him on Saturday and here he is after about 10 hours.

He's over one on a piece of white something or other that I had sat in my stash.

Before you start asking the frame measure's 5" X 4" and I have no idea where I bought it so please don't ask :)

I also want to Thank you for all your comments on Fantasy Sampler, I do appreciate them


Blu said...

Nice start! Can't wait to see this one finished!

Kristin said...

Looks great so far!

Chiloe said...

Fire dragonis beautiful : I love the colors !!!

Where did you say you got that frame? Just kidding !!! lol

Jo said...

great start... good use of guilt-free january!

Zeb said...

Its stitching up fast! Can't wait to see it done. :)

*runs away with the frame* ;)

Laural said...

Great start!