Monday, January 25, 2010

What I did over the weekend

I spent most of Saturday day time at Spinning Guild working on the second pic but in the evening I worked on Kaleidoscope some more.
I worked on this most of last week and have to say I really enjoyed it, the colours are so much brighter than I thought but I'm loving it. I was a little sad to put it down but if I didn't then I would never get the other things stitched this month that I want to.

As I said above I spent most of the Saturday day working on these socks and I finished them off on Sunday morning. Today at darts practice I handed them over to their new owner, one of the girls on the bowling team that's also in the WI.
They are just a basic sock in an Opal yarn from stash
And Sunday I started my ornament for this month.
I owe Mel ornaments from the last 3 years so this one is for her and she knows all about which is why I can post it here


stitchinfiend said...

Lovely socks amd kaleidoscope is beautiful.

Silverlotus said...

Kaleidoscope is looking lovely. The colours seem so bright and cheerful.

I really like the yarn you used for the socks too. Opal makes some great colourways, I only wish they did wool-free yarns.

Blu said...

Nice socks! Kaleidoscope is very vibrant and colourful.

CindyMae said...

You stitching is just wonderful and I just LOVE those socks!!

Liz said...

Do I see the begingings of a Dragon Dreams Ornie? :)

Meari said...

Nice stitching, and those socks are really cute!

Kristina said...

Kaleidoscope is beautiful, this one is on my "want to stitch list"