Friday, January 15, 2010

First TUSAL of 2010

It's the new moon today so that means it's time to share the first TUSAL of the year.
I have a new container this year and it's the second one, the first had a little accident when it was a few hours old and is now sitting in the recycling box waiting to be taken away and given a new lease of life.
We have Orts from blanket stitching the edge of a couple of new starts, Legend of the Dragons, Mary Busby, UFO RR, Bear Afghan, an exchange project (that's all the red/pink orts on the top) and of course Fire Dragon.

I decided to go with a new container this year because although the huge wine glass last year was fun and held huge amounts it did tend to get knocked over very easily. However you've not seen the last of it because I'm going to use it for all the other bits and pieces, you know the floss wrappers, off cuts of fabric etc and stuff that can't be recycled because I can't bring myself to put them in with my floss orts.

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Mel said...

I just joined. Need to find a container now