Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mary Busby update

I didn't get much time in on her on Friday between going to the Doc's and doing the weekly shop but I did make a bit of progress on the pale yellow motif.

My reason for going to the Docs was to find out what is wrong with my left foot. On and off for a while now I've had a little pain in my heel when walking and sometimes in the arch of my foot as well. On Monday night it started again and I didn't really think much of it but it was still bad on Tuesday morning and if anything it was worse, this carryed on for the next few days so off to the Doc I went. Turns out I've got a case of Planter Fasciitis ouch!


stitchinfiend said...

Lovely stitching and I don't envy you with a Planter Fascitis. Hope it is soon feeling a little better.

Meari said...

Your stitching looks really good. Hope your foot gets to feeling better soon.

Daffycat said...

Mary looks lovely ~ you are closer to a finish!

Ouch, my sister has that. She hates getting out of bed when it's really acting up, I guess those first few minutes are hell! I hope you get some relief quickly!

Shelleen said...

I hope your foot feels better soon.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Planter Fasciitis ouch!
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