Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2012 Goals report & 2013 Goals

For 2012 I said 
Finish a TW  No but I did work on one a little
Finish Mary Wigham  Yes, Done mid year
Stitch an ornament a month and finish it Yes although some month's they were beaded
Stitch or bead at least 12 Dragons in honour of 2012 being the year of the Dragon  I managed 6 :(
Keep up with the TUSAL  Done
Get my PHD number to below 25  No, failed again :(

For 2013 I'd like to
Finish a TW
Stitch or bead an ornament a month and finish it
Stitch at least 6 squares for SOLAK
Start and finish Santa's Village
Finish more projects than I start
Keep up with the TUSAL
Get my PHD number to below 25

Overall in 2012 I stitched for 918 hours 47 minutes which averages out to a few hours a day so although it sounds a lot it's no more than average really I'm just a bit odd in keeping track!
I had 30 new starts and 32 finishes and I ended the year with 30 PHD's


Chris said...

Great stitching accomplishment in 2012. It sounds like you will be able to achieve your 2013 goals.
Happy New Year!!

Denise SA said...

Love your statistics wish I could be as organised and keep track.

Julie said...

It's amazing when you add up the time!