Saturday, January 05, 2013

Dec 25

I'm slowly getting caught up on things I would of posted had I had internet, only a few to go :)

Teejay came to stay over Christmas :)
This was Christmas morning, his mum was stood behind me clicking her fingers to get him to look at the camera which is why he looks a little puzzled

Remember these? They started to hatch last May and the first one that did is now fully grown and doing well however the second one to hatch is still very small (would be classed as he runt) and was nicknamed Baby.
When Mel moved out and all her lizards went with her I said I'd take Baby once I'd saved up for the viv etc.
Christmas Eve arrived and so did Mel, Dan and her Dad with a viv for me.
Baby was a present off Mel and the Viv was off her Dad!

Still too small to sex so for now the name of Baby stays


Linda said...

Ok Lindsay. The first baby is adorable. The second one is kinda cute. (love the markings) But, I think I'll stick with my kitties.


Julie said...

Ewwwww, I don't do reptiles, but I will be lovely for you to have a new pet in your new home. Teejay is adorable.