Friday, January 04, 2013

Ornament exchange

Way back in November I took part in the ornament exchange at Needlecraft Haven we had an opening date of Dec 1st but of course with moving and no internet I couldn't post about it but I can now :)

Here's the one I sent to Ursh but I can't remember what it is but I do know it's from a JCS ornament issue maybe 2003.  When I unpack them I'll come back and update.

This is the beauty I received from Dusty in the US

It's double sided and you can just about see that this side is a little smaller.

I have no idea how Dusty did it but it's lovely and stiff so hangs fantastically on the tree, I was a little gobsmacked when I opened it up I can tell you.


Linda said...

Great ornaments Lindsay.


Chris said...

Wonderful exchange! Gorgeous.

Denise SA said...

Both ornaments are beautiful

Jo said...

WOW!!! Totally amazing exchange pieces. Glad the move went well (did send a xmas card to your old address - ooops!)

Julie said...

It was a super exchange. I have a Dusty creation so can fully appreciate the perfection in it.