Monday, January 21, 2013

Ornament finish

Strictly speaking it's not an ornament but it is a Christmas decoration.
I was tiding up my finishes drawer last week and moving some kits out of it at the same time and this was one of them.
It's one of those Dimensions kit's that has everything in it and claims it's doable in a weekend only it wasn't in my case! It took me all week to stitch it.

The plastic canvas was a pain to work on and I broke a few needles but it's done and a kit has been used from my stash which is always good.

After trimming the canvas

Fully assembled

He's now gracing the top of Baby's viv for a while until he gets put in the box I'm going to use this year for ornaments.


Jodi S said...

Well at least you have a stash item finished. Unfortunately, your needles paid the price! :( I haven't stitch on plastic canvas in a while. It is really cute!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I've just caught up with your recent posts and your beaded mat is amazing, well done.

cucki said...

aww so cute..i love it xx

Claire said...

Nice finish.

Melissa said...

Great finish! I've never tried a dimension kit - not sure if I could even do that in a week!!! Takes forever for me to stitch something that is half that size lol

Linda said...

What a great ornament Lindsay. Congrats on the finish.


Julie said...

He's a nice one