Sunday, June 01, 2008

Day trip to Wales

Friday evening my Parents decided that they fancied Sunday Lunch at The Austrian Restaurant in the mountians above Conwy and I was invited along with Mel's friend Sheena who was spending the weekend with her. Our first port of call was to The Smallest House in Great Britain on Conwy's Quayside, it measures 72 inches across, 100 inches deep and 122 inches high. The last tennant was a 6'3'' fisherman and before him it was occupied by a couple.

The downstairs taken from the top of the step ladder that's the upstairs access, under the mantle is the fire with a small table at the side and to the left is a bench where the seat lifts up to store the coal and that's it
Upstairs there's the bed and the trapdoor has to be put down to get a complete floor, at the end of the bed is a chair and to the right is another one and again that's it

After a pit stop for a brew we headed up the Sychnant Pass to the restaurant (scroll down to the last pic in the link to see it and better pics of the scenery) but we were ahead of time so we pulled into one of the many small car parks and both girls went up the mountian taking my camera with them. See that dark red blob at the bottom of the pic, that's our car and the even smaller blob in front of it is me on the phone to a friend who happenned to have perfect timing and rang me as we stopped on the car park

Bit more of the Welsh scenery

After lunch when we were all feeling very full and not ready to head for home we went down to Penmaenmawr for a wander along the prom and a paddle in the sea, this is just getting used to the freezing cold water that feeds directly in the sea across the beach
And then they decided to do a bit of wave jumping, getting rather wet along the way but having a great time doing it

I'll do my monthly stitching update tomorrow, I got home and haven't done anything but work on the Garden chair this evening


Jo said...

It looks like you had a great day out! The garden chair looks fantastic - I hope you do well in the show. Who are you meeting in Derbyshire next weekend? Have fun :)

Daffycat said...

Oh it looks like your day trip was super! I love the teeny house...I wanna go see it!

Anonymous said...

I've been to that little house too! (but ages ago, not recently) Sounds like you had a good trip. Thanks for setting up your feed :)

Lindsay said...

Jo amongst others will be Joy (A Joyus Place), Kate (Kitty's Scritchings) and Karoline (Karolines Corner) is coming down for a visit

Sharon , get on a plane and come on over :)

Karen, I last went on a school trip something like 25 years ago and Sheena had never seen it so off we went