Monday, September 01, 2008

Celtic Bookmark Exchange part 2

After 2 long weeks the bookmark I sent to Australia has finally arrived, boy was I getting worried! I stitched Bookmark H from Celtic Bookmarks 1

Here's everything I sent over, I've never made a bookmark before so I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, flaws and all

Sharon asked how my Dad's knee was, well it's getting better slowly and he can now bend it a little but not enough to drive so I'm currently the family taxi which also leads onto something else............. Remember how in cartoons whenever they were scared their knees whould be knocking together, fingers nails would get bitten off like a saw and they would generally shake all over? Well that was me yesterday afternoon!! Because my Dad can't drive I had to have a lesson in his 4X4 to get used to the handling of it ready for Thursday when I'll be doing all the above and more when I tow the caravan for the first time in my life! Talk about a crash course, I've gone from being quite happy in mine and my Mum's car to driving my Dad's huge one to driving Dad's and towing all in the space of a 4 days! I've always known that I would have to learn to drive it at some point and have been putting it off for as long as poss but my time is up now. Oh and in case your wondering what's this weekend it's a steam fair that we go to every year with the stall and the carousel I blogged about earlier in the year will be there, if I can escape the stall long enough I'll get some pics.
Mel had a phone call on Friday from Reaseheath and they want to put her on a higher course than she orginally applied for that they has suggested when she went to register for a place. She had planned to ask when we go to enrol on the 12th if she could do the higher course so she's really pleased they want to put her on it
The missing Q-Snaps have turned up, Yay. I was sat here yesterday morning thinking that a sure fire way of finding them was go out and buy a new set a little later in the week when I was struck with a sudden urge to go and check in the Blanket box at the bottom of my bed and there they were, what I can't figure out is how they got in there in the first place as it's not somewhere I keep stash (OK well I do but not stitching stash, it's where my rovings are for spinning). I can't even claim they got put in there when I moved because I used them not long after we had


Daffycat said...

Congrats to Mel! Way to go girl!

I'm glad to hear your dad's getting a little better. Don't worry about driving the can do it~easy,peasy!

What is a steam fair?

mesdupmoi said...

Good luck with driving Grandad's car!! And even more good luck towing the caravan!

AND WOW - Well done Mel!!


tkdchick said...

what a beautiful bookmark!

Nic said...

Hi, I have been trying to get hold of you via your email but I haven't got any replies so I'm wondering if maybe its bouncing? Anyway, its Nic from Nicsknots. I met you at Woolfest and was making you a sock knitting bag and maybe needle roll.
Can you email me please because I haven't got your postal address to send the bag to.