Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stitching pics at long last

It's something like 2 weeks since I last posted any stitching pics, bad girl and after boring you all silly with endless pics of my holiday it's about time I proved that I do still pick up a needle.

First up is Lizzie Kate's Living with Charm, I bought this at The Nimble Thimble (Karen I will get round to emailing you about it soon) when I went down with Liz right at the start of my hoilday and picked up Home of a Needleworker Too, which BTW I tried to hang up over the weekend and gave up after I'd bent 2 pins!
It's on PTP Carnival and I'm using DMC apart from for the border and it means I failed one of my goals for Sept

So before I went I was spending my evenings with Bigger Stash and completed my hours on it last week.

The last few evenings have gone on Caleb's birth sampler

And lastly those darn Oriental Orchids that are taking up my days when I'm home, I can't wait to get them finished and back to the Wool/LNS so I can get on with Fantasy Sampler for TW October

Excuse the poor light it's very cloudy here today and the flash made them look even worse. Oh and in case your wondering what those threads are at the side, I started the BS so I could roll the frame down and parked the thread out of the way at the side.
Mum's getting there slowly BTW, she's still in alot of pain but the Morphine is doing it's job and making it bearable, we go back to the frature clinic on Monday to find out the results of the blood test


KarenV said...

Great progress on everything Lindsay. I like the fabric you're using for the L*K words - it reminds me a bit of Silkweaver's Tutti Frutti...

mesdupmoi said...

Fracture clinic for a blood test result? That doesn't sound right!

And the birth sampler is looking good!


Daffycat said...

Ooo, yummy stitching! I haven't been bored with the London photos at all!

Rachael said...

Love the stitchy pics!!
Hope your Mum is ok!