Friday, September 19, 2008

We had a fantastic night in Blackpool on Tuesday and I do have pics to share but I'm not at home right now to post them so you'll have to wait a few more days unless I get enough time while I'm here in London to sort them when I'm not quite so tired.

Mum had to go for an X-ray on Wednesday to try amd find out the cause of the severe pain she's been suffering from the last few weeks that suddenly got much worse last Friday, so bad that she called the Doc out on Tuesday afternoon and it was her that asked fort he X-ray as well as putting her on Morphine tablets! Anyway it turns out that she fractured her pelvis at some unknown point in the past, we know it's not a recent injury because new bone has grown

Dad's Knee is getting better slowly but he's still not fit to drive

Mel started college on Monday and has settled in quite well but this week has been more about sorting timetables and getting to know the college amnd course tutors rather than actual studying.

Wednesday night I headed down to London for a couple of days with Liz to stop at her's and we stopped at the services on the motorway, when we got back to the car some Barsteward had somehow managed to scrape along the side of my car busting my wing mirror luckily the glass didn't brake just fell out and scrapping down the side of my car leaving a dent and scratches.
We went and got some T cut this morning and the scratches look alot better now, we also taped the wing mirror back together and the glass is taped in place as well, it's good enough to get me home where my Dad will have a look at it for me.

Today has been a packed one of being a tourist in London and I have plenty of pics to share but agin they will have to wait until I'l home


Anonymous said...

I guess said Barsteward didn't leave his/her details? :\ Sorry about the damage, hope it isn't too expensive to fix and that your mum is OK too.

Daffycat said...

Oh, no poor mum! I hope she heals quickly!

Poo on car damage and no one owning up to it! Hope it isn't too expensive to fix.

Wow, Mel in college! Too cool!

Jo said...

gosh, I hope your mum is OK. Pass on my best wishes!

Hope the car is fixed soon, and that you continue having fun on your trip