Saturday, September 27, 2008

London day 1 again

This pic really belongs with the ones from Canary Wharf but I missed it, I've never seen a paramedic on a bike before! Oh and see that car in the background, it's a Lambourgini (sp?) and you could enter a draw to drive it for a weekend

We got off the boat at Waterloo and going up the slope from the river gave a perfect view of Westminster and Big Ben

You emerge right under the London Eye (very expensive for what it is!)

We started to explore the Southbank and I was over joyed to find a Carousel

After a walk round the food fair that was happenning we walked to Trafalger Square, I did take one of Nelson but it was dark and you couldn't see anything really so I took one of a fountain as well

After Dinner and a walk through Soho we went down Carnaby Street

And past the London Palladium before heading back to Liz's for bed


Sheila said...

Just catching up with all your pretty pictures of London. Love the paramedic on a bike : I guess he gets to emergencies a lot quicker than by car in some areas of London.

mesdupmoi said...

Wow. That's a lot of pictures. And you got Lambourgini right - i think!

I love the paramedic idea! We saw them and some coppers too when we went for my birthday.

And the pictures of the illuminations were fab!