Thursday, February 26, 2009


Last weekend my parents went to the Caravan show and one of the things they came back with was a free pop up frisbee, this afternoon Sheena was here and as the car was parked out the front of the house they went out the back to play frisbee for a little while (in case you wondering both girls have Thursdays off from their college courses)

I had to include this first pic of Mel, she'd just thrown the frisbee and it hit my hand as I was taking the pic so she's trying not to laugh and apologise at the same time

Quite a few times it went over the wall into next doors yard so they kept climbing over to get it back and they had a 'Wot no frisbee' moment


Doris said...

look like a great andd funny moments ;D

mesdupmoi said...

Looks like they had good fun!! x