Monday, December 15, 2008

12 Day's Catch up

I'm way behind with these and I did take pics a few days ago but never got change to post them and for the last couple of days I've been fighting a migraine and haven't felt human enough to do anything let alone post here.

Day 6
It was a dull day when I took these so had to use the flash the colours are the same as my new hat IRL

Day 7
Already up on the tree

Day 8
I'm going to have a stash dive to find something to go in this

Day 9
I love these Magnetic note pads they make doing the weekly list so much more interesting

Tomorrow is the last day and I'll do pics of the last 3 days then as well as trying to remember to update the Advent calendar from ExH.
I have been stitching but I can't share just yet, most of my time has gone on yet another ornament for an exchange that just needs putting together which head allowing will get done tomorrow

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