Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Heather came up with Caleb yesterday for a few days, I've not said anything about it as she wanted to keep it a secret from my Mum and Mum sometime's reads my blog.
Be prepared for more pics over the next couple of days
Back end of last week I finished Mum & Dad's ornament for this year, as ever the fabric behind is the backing
And lastly ExH has once again done the advent calendar for Mel and I, my first pouch had a card to open #1 and it turned out to be this little guy called I think I forgot

#2 will be opened later when Mel gets home from college at the same time she opens her's.
Speaking of Mel, she's in the war's again :( Last night she managed to trap her finger in the front door and has taken all 7 layers of skin off the top of her finger but refused to let me take her to A&E so I'm keeping a close eye on it and if it shows any sigh of anything wrong she get's no choice and we're going.


Kristin said...

The kiddo is adorable. The ornament is amazing. And, I love the dragon.

Karoline said...

What a cutie, Caleb is getting to be a really big boy now.

Jo said...

I had to double take when I saw the ornie - I'm just starting an almost identical one (maybe the same one? the colkours don't look quite right...) by JBW!!

Hope Mel's finger is OK

Daffycat said...

Beautiful ornament!

Have fun with your visitors. Wow, Caleb is huge!

Poor Mel. She's had quite a time with it lately.