Monday, December 01, 2008

November Progress & December Goals

For November I said

Make good progress on Fantasy Sampler (need to really if I'm going to finish by the end of the year) I barely touched it
Stitch at least one ornament I did 3
Finish something No unless I count the 3 ornaments

For December I'd like to

Finish Fantasy Sampler
Finish Bigger Stash
Finish My Needleswork
Finish the payed Birth Sampler
Finish something else
Stitch at least 2 ornaments
Stitch an ornament for Mel
Finish beaded Angel Box (WIP pic to follow later)

I stitched for a total of 75 hours 22 minutes last month, November is always a bad month stitching wise for me with the Celtic Fair taking up a week of the month although I did think I'd done more with not having a puter for a week at the start of the month.
I had 4 new starts and 3 finishes all of which were new starts.

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