Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Gifts Galore

First up is yesterday's 12 Days gift, a gorgeous hand knit hat! I needed a new hat anyway and one made just for me can't be beaten
Today's package had these two little bowls in. I've got no idea what I'll use them for yet but they are fantastic

And lastly some flowers. On Sunday there was an accident right outside my house and after dialling 999 I went out to see if I could do anything to help and there was a woman holding a baby that had come out of one of the cars. It was early evening and going cold so I asked her if she wanted to come in and wait for the Police & Ambulance to arrive which she did and she stayed in here while she was checked over as well as the baby. They went off to hospital to get a complete check up (she was complaining of neck pain) the mess was cleaned up and life went back to normal for us.
Fast forward to this evening and I'm sat stitching (no surprise there) heard the shop next door pulling the shutters down and the next thing I know there's a knock on the door. At some point today a lady has been with flowers for me to say Thank You for what I did on Sunday and because I wasn't in she left them next door.
To say I'm touched is an understatement, no thanks was needed for what I did (and it wasn't much!) my only thought was that it was cold and there was a baby that would be better off in the warm than the cold.

No-one was seriously injured as far as I know and the Ambulance was routine because of the baby


Kristin said...

How sweet that she remembered you with flowers!

anne bebbington said...

You probably only did what any of us would have done, a good turn without thought of any reward - but nevertheless it's always lovely when someone shows their gratitude in such a special way

Daffycat said...

How kind of her to remember you. The hat is lovely!

Irene said...

How sweet and thoughtful. Wonderful hat.

mesdupmoi said...

That is a nice hat, and those bowls are pretty funky too.

How sweet of that Lady to remember you and give you some flowers. You only did what anyone would have done.

Still on a high from seeing you last week!!


Jo said...

That's such a nice gesture. Most of us (well the nice ones) would do that sort of thing automatically, but it's nice to be thanked!

Great presents

(PS, you might want to visit my blog...)